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I retired from a long career as an aircraft mechanic to live by the sea, bake bread, and do art. I paint on canvas, wood, walls, and random items my wife and I pick up at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I also do mosaic work with tile, broken crockery, and beach stones.


I live on the Pacific Coast just south of the Canadian border and spend most days in my workspace with my dog, Dexter. My wife is a writer, and she has her take on things, so you'll see her chime in at times if you check out the gallery page here. Prices are based on how badly my wife wants to keep that particular piece of work here at home. She's pretty attached to some of these things, and I'm pretty attached to her, so brace yourself.

If you see something that interests you, shoot me an email using the contact form below. I'm pretty remiss about checking email, but I'll probably get back to you eventually.

My working studio, The Space, is located at 800 Montesano in Westport, Washington, two doors down from the South Beach Artists Association. If you see my orange pickup truck out front, that means I'm there. It's not an open-to-public gallery per se, but you're welcome to come on in for coffee and see what's on the walls.


Thanks! Message sent.

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